Diagnostic technology
and test adapters for OEMs for use in workshops and technical development

Design, development and prototyping of measurement lines and assemblies.

As an option with plastics technology applications for service workshops; delivered in series. Equipment for use in workshops places special demands on functionality and safety, particularly when it comes to high-voltage applications. The equipment needs be designed and manufactured to international standards if it is to be used worldwide. Independent test institutes certify the products we use for worldwide use. This is an essential requirement, particularly in North America. To this end, our facility is monitored according to the UL standard in six-monthly audits.


  • Requirement management concerning the feasibility of customer requirements
  • Development of mechanical components with CATIA
  • Development of electrical components with LDorado
  • Development of electronic components with Eagle or Target
  • Development of software in C++ – Prototyping
  • Quality planning with APIS QM in parallel to development
  • Creation of the production tools and the 0 series – Product certifications


  • Manufacture of plastic components using injection moulding or milling
  • Manufacture of power components to customer requirements
  • Installation of electronic assemblies
  • Installation of the complete product
  • Software implementation
  • EOL test