Wiring harness

The electrification of the drive-train places special demands on the wiring system, the lines used and the components. These demands relate to space, high voltages and currents, high temperatures and EMC characteristics. The low-voltage wiring harnesses need to be robust and meet high standards.


  • Requirement management and process adaptation to OEM requirements, such as VW 99000, 75147 VW, VW 60330, 80302 VW, VW 80303 etc.
  • Creation of the 3D layout data in CATIA
  • System and cable diagrams with LDorado Gole; routing according to customer requirements
  • Wiring harness drawings, change documentation and form-board layout with LDorado Design
  • Quality planning with APIS QM in parallel to development
  • Prototyping


  • The use of Komax machines with CFA crimp force monitoring caters for maximum process reliability during production
  • Operating equipment for making up high-voltage and low-voltage wires
  • Inspections during the production process meet the highest demands:
    • Microsectioning according to VDA OEM protocol specifications
    • Sample crimp tests o Longitudinal water tightness tests for shrink sleeves in wet area 3
    • Etc.
  • EOL tests with feeble contact with high-voltage test table adaptronics