75 kW High Voltage Charger LDC. 75-1The charging station for test parks, test drives and more

Our high voltage charger LDC. 75-1 charges your electric vehicle batteries fast and efficiently. The charging capacity was increased and can be adjusted up to 75kW. For full flexibility we have redesigned the new mobile housing to the high charging capacity of the LDC. 44-1 and LDC. 75-1 products. The unit offers rugged housing, easily cleanable. In addition, this unit includes cable holders for both the main and the charging cables.

A particular feature of the LDC. 75-1 is the possibility to combine two 75kW units to offer charging capacity up to 150kW.

For this unit we offer charging cables CCS 1, CCS 2, GB/T and CHAdeMO. On the power supply side, in addition to CEE, other configurations are available.

Possible applications: Service/garage repair shops, fleet operators, automotive manufacturers, test tracks, test drives

  • Height: 681,5 mm
  • Width with handle: 1095 mm
  • Width without handle: 540 mm
  • Depth: 710 mm
  • Weight: 124 kg (incl. cables)
  • DC Charging cable length: 4,5 m, charging cable changeable
  • AC mains connection: Length AC cable: 6 m, AC cable permanently mounted
  • Mains sockets and cable for European use, optional worldwide use


  • Supply voltage: 304 - 520VAC, 45 - 65Hz, 3phase + protective conductor
  • Output voltage max: 750V/DC | 125 Ampere
  • DC Power output: max 75kW
  • Unit capacity: 75kW
  • Efficiency: >95%
  • Air cooled
  • Degree of protection: IP42
  • Working temperature: -25 to 40°C