Cable Assembly

Electrification of the drivetrain in electric vehicles places high demands the on-board system, wiring and components. These challenges arise from space restrictions, high voltages and currents as well as high temperatures and EMC properties. The vehicle wiring harnesses also have to be sturdy and meet high electrical requirements.


  • Requirements managment and process adaptation to OEM requirements for example VW 99000, VW 75147, VW 60330, VW 80302, VW 80303 and so on.
  • 3-D data set creation
  • System and cable set plans, cable set drawing, change documentation, formboard layout
  • Quality pre-planning throughout development process
  • Prototype development


  • Highest production process guaranteed with usage of Komax machines with CFA+ crimp force analysis
  • Setting operational equipment for high and low voltage wiring production
  • Regular production process testing to meet highest standards:
  • Polished cut image creation according to VDA- OEM process requirements
  • Crimp sample testing
  • Long water impermeability testing for shrink tube in wet area
  • etc.
  • EOL-powerless contact testing with high voltage test bench adaptronic