Test and Measuring TechnologyDiagnostic Technology and proof testing for OEM’s in the service garage environment and technical development.

We design and offer customized test and measuring technology for your specific requirements: measuring, testing and diagnosis of components and systems. These products, especially in high voltage applications, need to withstand the most stringent functionality and safety requirements.

For this reason we offer test and measuring technology with intuitive handling, high precision and reliability. Our products meet and exceed the most stringent requirements currently in place.


For worldwide availability our products are designed and manufactured according to international norms. External testing agencies also certify our products. This is essential especially for the US market and as a commitment to these standards our manufacturing site is regularly inspected during half yearly UL-Standard audits.

Many automotive manufacturers worldwide depend on our high precision and customized products.

Construction, Development, Prototype conception, of Measuring leads and Modules

Optional with polymer engineered applications for service garages, serial production.


  • Requirement management to check project viability
  • Development of mechanical components by CATIA
  • Development of electrical components with LDorado
  • Development of electrical components with Eagle or Target
  • C++ software development
  • Prototype development
  • Quality pre-planning with APIS QM used throughout development process
  • Production of manufacturing tools and 0 Series
  • Product certification


  • Production of polymer components using injection molding and milling technology
  • Production of connector components according to customer requirement
  • Electronic component assembly
  • Final product assembly
  • Software implementation
  • EOL-Test